New Year and a Natural You – DIY Shampoo

diy coco shampoo

New year, new goals, new projects!  Let me first start out by saying I have totally slacked on my blog… but that happens when your 9-5 becomes a 6 – 8 and all you want to do when you get home is eat and sleep.  But, that is going to change in 2016… I WILL make time to be crafty and I WILL be sharing my creativity with the world 🙂

So, my first order of business for the new year (like many) was to get back on the healthy lifestyle track.  After all, I have to fit in the wedding dress of my dreams in 308 days!  Along with my eating habits, exercise plan, and vitamin routine, I decided to add in a few more changes to the mix.  For the month of January, my goal is to get rid of at least 3 chemically-filled products that I use daily in my bathroom and replace them with my own, all-natural concoctions.  The first one to go is….. my shampoo!  Seems weird, but for me, it’s totally logical and I’ll tell you why.  Growing up, I had the thickest hair imaginable.  Over the last few years, I have noticed not only how thin it has gotten, but that I also have to part my hair different just to hide how thin it is around my crown!  I have tried expensive salon shampoos that guarantee thicker hair.. I take Biotin.. I’ve done crazy Pinterest deep conditioning wraps on my head.  But I want more… and I want to know it’s something I can trust and be comfortable with.  And let’s be honest, none of us know what half of the crap in our shampoo bottles is!


Ingredients list in shampoo from store

**essential oils plug now joining the conversation**

Another goal I have for this year is to indulge in as many of my essential oils as possible.  I will admit, I am a collector of things.  So, my oil cabinet is stocked with over 50 different oils (and that number is always rising), but I tend to favor certain ones.  I did some research for my shampoo recipe and found out I have a ton of oils that help promote hair growth by helping to improve blood circulation in the scalp and stimulating the hair follicles*.

Knowing this, I went to Pinterest to find some different DIY ideas and I came up with a combination that seems to be working so far.  Oh, and did you know how beneficial coconut milk is for your hair?!  Not only does it help replenish the moisture, but it also nourishes and helps stimulate growth!  AND, how about almond oil.  It is rich in calcium, zinc, and magnesium – all important minerals for healthy hair.

It wasn’t hard saying goodbye to the Herbal Essences after I made my new, all-natural shampoo!  Here’s what you will need:


  • a container to keep the shampoo in.  I just reused an old bottle I already had.  **quick tip – if you want to get label residue off of old shampoo bottles, put a couple of drops of grapeseed oil and a couple of drops of lemon on a cotton ball and scrub away!**
  • 1/2 cup of coconut milk ( I got mine at Sprouts, but you can get it anywhere).
  • 2/3 cup of unscented pure-castile soap
  • 2 tsp. vegetable glycerin
  • 1 tsp. of almond oil
  • 15 – 20 drops of essential oils (your choice, your combo.. I’ll list what I used below).

Are you ready for how easy this is?  Add the coconut milk, castile soap, vegetable glycerin, and almond oil to your container.  Mix it up (or gently shake).

Add your essential oils.  I used 4 drops Rosemary, 4 drops Clary Sage, 4 drops Lavender, 4 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Sacred Frankincense, and 2 drops Eucalyptus.  Shake/stir some more.

Now you have your own, all-natural shampoo.  And guess what, I bet you can pronounce everything in it 🙂img1452379601395.jpg*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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