Hello – I’m a DIY Addict

Hi, I’m Nicki and I am a DIY addict.  I started this blog almost a year ago to focus on replacing day-to-day things with chemical-free alternatives, without breaking the bank.  And while that is still extremely important to me, I have decided to expand thrifty scents a day to include additional, crafty DIY ideas that anyone can use in this craziness we call life.

A little more about me… I work full time as a project manager for AT&T, I just got married to the man of my dreams in 2016, and I am working on self-improvement for 2017. I consider myself an indecisive crafter who specializes in collecting, but my fiance would tell you that I’m a borderline hoarder who likes to make a mess.  I’m a big fan of Young Living oils and I usually incorporate them in many of my ideas and concoctions; I’m also a professional Pinterest browser, craft store bargain shopper, and my favorite designer is CLEARANCE.  Hopefully, I am all of the things that make a good DIY blog on a budget.

This blog is basically a peak into what goes on in my brain.  I really enjoy being creative and exploring “outside the box” ideas so I thought sharing those experiences would resonate with fellow crafty people.. plus, it’s a great way to stay organized without wasting paper 🙂




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